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I’m Dr. Sarah and I have a passion for pets and people. I’ve been practicing veterinary medicine for 14 years and I believe that the key to improving the human-animal bond is through the betterment of our pets’ health. Loving both animals and people, I wake up smiling because I get to work with both every single day. Doing what I love by connecting with my clients and their 4-legged family members is what inspired me to bring veterinary services to you conveniently through my mobile clinic. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than providing pet care here in KC.  

I look forward to brining you pet care conveniently to you.  All pet care services are provided in a 26’ state of the art mobile clinic right at your doorstep.  No need to worry about getting your pets in the car for that trip to the vet while waiting endlessly in busy lobbies wasting your valuable time!  Call me or download the PetPartner app today to make your appointment.







why mobile

Over the last several years, I found that many of my clients had difficulty getting their pets into the clinic for care whether it was due to a lack of time, the lack of transportation or the inability to get their pets into their vehicles to get anywhere.  So, I decided to leave the traditional clinic setting to create a practice that could cater not only to those clients, but to anyone who would like convenient, compassionate and very personalized veterinary care. In addition, I wanted to practice in a much more relaxed setting and promote a stress-free environment for my patients-allowing me to provide more comprehensive care.

 Convenience is becoming one of the biggest needs for most people. In a world where everyone is dealing with goods and services online and using delivery methods to get those goods, I feel that mobile practices are going to become more and more prevalent across the nation. I decided that if I’d rather have my groceries and other items delivered to my house, then others would want more services coming straight to their homes as well. Lastly, I wanted the ability to continue to practice veterinary medicine while staying active in my family’s lives and having the flexibility to be the best veterinary I can be and the best parent I can be without compromise.